Order Process

1. Enquire.

If you are interested in using us for printing, please give us call on our contact number or drop us an email. Usually, we like to talk to you first about your requirements and it is always useful to see a picture of the logo or artwork you would like printing and what you require printed.

2. Suggestions.

Upon seeing a photo, we might make suggestions to you about sizing, or colouring if we think it could maximise the quality of the finished product. We will always try and offer you the best solution to your print requirements.

3. Pricing.

Various factors of your order will affect the price we quote you. Some of these are:

      1. How many colours you require printing.
      2. The batch size.
      3. The process required
      4. The article you require printing

Because of these reasons, we do not have standard pricing and only quote based on each bespoke job. We try and reply to all email enquiries with a price within 24 hours

4. Order date and turnaround time.

We will inform you how long we think your job will take (this must include us receiving the product to print on) and we can finalise a finish date together. Rather than just quote a set time we prefer to know your requirement date. We can then always move jobs around to accommodate your requirements.