Printing Process

Products we currently print on to:

Please note this is not limited to and is to be only used as an example. Should you have something that needs printing which is not on this list, please give us a call and we discuss your requirements with you.

Automotive parts:
Such as Gear knobs/Badges

White Goods including:
Cooker Knobs/Microwave panels/Shower covers/Keypad buttons

For Telephones/Handheld controls

Plastic glasses:
Disposable,Biodegradable and reusable.

Point of sale goods:

Setting up a machine

Setting up a machine takes time and patience. We hand set up every machine, so we have to en-sure we have each colour lined up exactly, we have created the correct colours for your print and everything matches the signed off proof. General setting up takes anything between 1-4 hours. If your product quantity is over 1,000 we will send over a sample photo of the print. We will ask you to approve the print. Once you have approved the print, we will go ahead and continue with your printing. We would be unable to make any changes after this.

Printing will continue until the job is finished. Once a job is set up on a machine, the machine will not be broken down until that job is finished.

Once printed, we have to let the ink dry on the product. Generally, once printed the ink will only feel sticky/tacky not fully wet. To ensure no scratching/damaging of the product takes place we leave the product to dry. The drying time differs from product to product as it depends on:

    • How many colours are on the print
    • How large the print is
    • The type of ink used
    • The printed article.

Some materials require being stoved in a hot oven for the ink to completely cure.

Once fully dry, the product is ready to be packed. We keep all the packaging the products come in, so 99% of the time the printed product goes back into the same boxes. We pack everything the same as it arrives unless we need to re pack it differently to protect the print in transit. So should your product come in plastic bags for protection, we will repack in the plastic bags. We take great care in packing your finished products as we understand some products will have to travel all over the country or around the world to get to their final destination.